Chopping Board Set With Bamboo Spoon

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Chopping Board Set With Bamboo Spoon


HEALTHY COOKING: Wooden cutting boards are very popular but the traditional wood absorbs all the fruit and vegetable juices and the meat residues when you cut. This results to unpleasant odours and colours but most importantly bacteria growth. The thick bamboo board is naturally antimicrobial so it can be absolutely safe and hygienic for healthy cooking every time!

CHOP YOUR FOOD IN STYLE: The bamboo cutting board will give your kitchen a unique sense of style so you can cook perfectly while keeping your kitchen ultra-modern! The bamboo material has a smooth finish and it will give your space a vintage attitude that will look phenomenal in every kitchen whether it has a minimalist or a rustic style. You can use it as a convenient butchers block or, cheese serving board.

WITH SPOON, FORK AND HANDLE: The bamboo board comes with a convenient bamboo spoon for cooking and mixing so you can execute any recipe and a handy bamboo fork. The cutting board has a convenient handle that makes it very easy to use and to carry. With the handle you can also wash the board while being able to hold it properly, so you will not get your hands all dirty.

Minshunlong Trading, one of the leading bamboo products manufacturers and suppliers in China, now brings you high quality and eco-friendly Chopping Board Set With Bamboo Spoon from its professional factory. Don't hesitate to wholesale the quality and customized products from us any more.
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Chopping Board Set With Bamboo Spoon