Custom Bamboo Cutting Board, Serving Board With Knife Sharpener

-Made of premium bamboo -Make food prep safe and efficient -The healthier, more durable choice -Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and less porous than traditional woods


Custom Bamboo Cutting Board, Serving Board with Knife Sharpener


Product Description

-THE UNIQUE GIFT - This is the perfect kitchenware gift for your home chef who wants a high-grade professional cutting board.

-VERSATILE & NO MESS - Deep-drip groove keeps liquids on the board.

-EXTRA LARGE & DURABLE - Your large cutting board has been rigorously tested under extreme conditions by our professional chefs during a grueling 6 month period and is durable enough for all your heavy-duty vegetable chopping, slicing fruit, dicing cheese and carving meat.

-GREAT FOR FOOD SAFETY - Crafted from selected sustainable 100% organic bamboo, your large wood cutting board is completely toxin-free. The eco-friendly all-natural wooden board is anti-microbial too with its in-built natural anti-bacterial properties. This multi-functional bamboo chopping board - allows you to cut, chop and mince all on the same board.


Product Specification

Product Name:

Custom Bamboo   Cutting Board, Serving Board with Knife Sharpener

Item number:



Cutting board,   chopping block


Food cut, serving   tray/board, housewarming & wedding gift




natural bamboo   color





Surface protective package:

1 pc or set in   shrink wrap

Alternative package:

bubble bag, brown   / single color / full color corrugated box, protective foam, other   customization

Place of origin:



MSL, or OEM brand


500 pcs/sets


Product Details


bamboo cutting board

totally bamboo cutting board

extra large bamboo cutting board

engraved bamboo cutting board

custom bamboo cutting board

personalized bamboo cutting board



 *- Do both sides of the board have a drip groove?

RE: One side has a drip groove, and the other side is completely flat. Some customers have told us that they use the drip groove side for cutting, and the flat side for rolling out dough or as an attractive cheese plate for entertaining guests.


*- Name of wood?

RE: all our bamboo kitchenware and houseware are made of organic bamboo.


*- What is the difference between vertical and horizontal grain?

RE: The difference between vertical and horizontal grain is the orientation of the bamboo strips. Horizontal grain is when the wider side of bamboo faces up and the strips are attached at the narrower sides. Vertical grain is when the narrower side faces up and the strips are attached at the wider sides. This cutting board has vertical grain. Both styles are popular, but those who choose vertical grain often do so because it has a more uniform appearance while maintaining the feel of bamboo.


Production Process

Best Bamboo Cutting Board

Simply Bamboo Cutting Board

Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Small Bamboo Cutting Board

Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board

The correct use of bamboo chopping block

In order to avoid cross-infection, one side of the bamboo chopping block can cut raw food, the other side can cut cooked food, and every time after cutting, to immediately rinse clean, so that during the next time cutting, you will not worry about health problems. In addition, if it is cut meat, it is best to clean with warm water, so that the effect will be better.


If the home environment is relatively dry, can cover the cutting board with a wet towel on the main board, so that water in the bamboo cutting board can be a little slower, and not easy to crack. and placing in the faucet or water basin is a good way to protect water, can avoid the dryness of the chopping board.


During using the chopping board, do not use only one place, to rotate around the use, to ensure uniform wear and tear, as well as avoiding uneven conditions occur. Of course, if there is a rugged, can be planed flat with iron.


Before you buy, you must first smell the smell, whether there is sour taste, if so, do not buy.


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